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Our Services

Our Clients are offered a wide range of medical services - not only in terms of oncology but also of other medical disciplines.

Our services:

  • oncological surgery
  • chemotherapy
  • oncological gynecology
  • general surgery
  • ultrasound
  • ozonetherapy
  • endocrinology
  • pediatric gynecology

Marek Bębenek

Oncological surgeon,
clinic owner

  • Born in 1955
  • Graduated from Medical Faculty
    of Medical University in Wrocław
    in 1979
  • 1st degree specialisation in general surgery earned in 1984
  • 2nd degree of specialisation in oncological surgery earned in 1986
  • Internships in Germany and Switzerland
  • Since 1979 has been working at the Lower Silesian Center for Oncology and since 1996 has been head of the Oncological Surgery Department
  • Since 1994 has been owner of the Onkomed Clinic
  • Received the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences in 1992 upon submitting his thesis "Application of ozonetherapy in surgical infections"
  • Member of national and international scientific societies: PTL, TChP, PTCHO, PTO, ESMO, ESSO
  • Since 1996, chairman of the Board of Wrocław Department of the Polish Oncological Society
  • Originator and scientific manager of the hereditary cancer prevention program operating within the framework of the Health Promotion Program of the Municipality of Wrocław
  • Professional focus: treatment of mammary gland and colon cancers.

Interests: tennis, skiing, classical guitar